How to install Business Process Studio for JIRA

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In this tutorial we will look at how to install Business Process Studio for JIRA.

We are installing on a clean instance of Jira software. If you would like to see how to install Jira, please check out our tutorial on installing Jira server for Business Process Studio.

To start, please click on the small gear icon at the top right of the Jira workspace, which opens the administration menu.

Click on Manage apps.

To install the Business Process Studio plugin, you need to be an administrator, if you do not have administration rights, you will need to contact your Jira admin for access, or you can request that he/she does the install for you.

After clicking on Manage apps dropdown menu item, the screen will change and you will be asked to authenticate.

Click Confirm.

When the Jira marketplace opens, type in ‘Business Process Studio’ in the search box and press ‘enter’ on your keyboard.

Click on the Free Trial button on the panel for Business Process Studio that appears below the search box.

Click Install on the app confirmation popup window, click Accept and Install on the app license confirmation popup and click Get License on the Free Trial popup.

If you do not have an Atlassian account at this point, you will be asked to register. However if you have just finished installing Jira as we did in our Jira install tutorial, then just add you Organisation name, agree to the Terms of Use by clicking the check box and click Generate License.

Click Apply License on the Apply Your License popup window to apply the license to your instance.

As we installed the Data Center version of Jira, we have an additional popup which we can just close.

That is it. You now have the menu item available for BPS.

To get started click the BPS menu at the top of your workspace.

Click the BPS IDE menu to open the Business Process Studio and to start working with BPS.

Thank you for following this tutorial, we hope you saving time with BPS.

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