How to set cascading list field in BPS for Jira

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In this tutorial, we will look at setting another type of field, a Selection List, one with cascading lists.

Let’s create a new field. 

Right-click the fields item in the Process Explorer and from the drop-down menu, click on New Field.

In the Create Field popup window, click Select List (Cascading), click Save.

Highlight your new field in the Process Explorer by clicking it.

This will allow you to edit your field in the Property Inspector located on the right side of the workspace.

In the Property Inspector, select the text in the Name field and rename your new field to Multiple Options.

To set the options that will be available for your users to select, click the ellipses to the right of the Options property.

In the Edit Options window that opens at the bottom of the workspace, you can add your values. The dropdown menu that I am highlighting here is the place where you will choose the Parent or Child to edit.

Add a new value to create a Parent item. In the Add Value field, type Parent 1 and click Add.

Add a second parent item by typing Parent 2 in the Add Value field and click Add.

Do the same again to add a Parent 3.

Now you can add Child items for each of your parent values. 

Click on the Choose parent list to edit dropdown and select Parent 1.

Now that Parent 1 is selected, you can add child items to Parent 1. 

In the Add Value field, type Child 1 and click Add.

Do this twice more and add 3 child values for parent 1.

Select Parent 2 on the Choose parent list to edit and add a further 3 child items to Parent 2.

We will call these Child 3, 4, and 5 so we can identify the different children of each parent 1 and 2.

When you have finished adding the values, click Done.

Drag and drop the new field that you have created into the Screen Designer to add it to the project.

Move the field up the Screen Designer to a place that you would like it to show on the Jira issue page.
Switch to your Jira environment and create a new issue by clicking Create.

On the New Issue overlay window, you can see your new Multiple Options field that you have added. 

You can also see that depending on the parent that is selected, it shows different child items that you have added to each parent. 

If you select a different parent, you will see the different child options that you created.
Add a name to the Summary field, we will add “Summary” and click ‘Create’ to create the issue.
Open the new issue.
You can see that it works very similar to when you are creating the issue. Depending on which parent is selected, will allow the value of each child that was added as an option to that parent.
Once selected, the text is rendered neatly to show the value set for selected parent and child.
Thank you for following this tutorial, we hope you find this field very useful in your projects.
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