How to add a field date in BPS for JIRA

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In this tutorial we will look at setting another type of field, one with date and time. 

Let’s create the new field.  Right click the fields item in your process and from the drop-down menu, click on New Field.

In the Create Field popup menu, you have two options, Date Picker and Date Time Picker, the difference between the two is that as well as a date, one allows you to also select a time. 

In the Create Field selector, click on Date Picker and click Save. 

Make sure your new field is selected in the Process Explorer and in the Property Inspector, choose a name for your new field, we will name it DatePicker.

Let’s create another field so that we can see the differences between the two fields.

Right click the Fields item in the Process Explorer and choose New Field from the popup menu.

From the Create Fields window, choose the Date Time Picker.

As before, let’s rename the field, this time to DateTimePicker.

Drag and drop both fields in to the Screen Designer.

Arrange the fields on the Screen Designer by dragging and dropping them higher in the list.


Switch to your Jira environment and click Create to create an issue with your new fields.


You can see in the New Issue overlay window, that you now have your new fields available.


Click the small calendar icon to the right of the field.

On the Date Time Picker, you will see that it has an extra section for choosing the time.

To change the time, you can click and drag to change the time.

This is a useful field to allow users to enter dates and times that can be saved with the issue. 

Add a summary in the Summary field. We will just type Summary. Click Create.

Open your issue, you can do this by clicking the link that pops up in the top right after you create you issue.

In the Jira page, you can see that the date type fields are grouped together to the right.

And can still be edited by the user.
Thank you for following this tutorial.
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