How to add a checkbox field in BPS for JIRA

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In this tutorial we will look at setting a new checkbox field.

To do this you can expand on a ‘Process’ on the left menu and Right-click the Fields within the Process.

From the popup menu, choose New Field.

In the popup Choose Field selector, Click on Checkboxes.

The checkboxes field allows you to select multiple values, using checkboxes.

Click Save.


In the Property Inspector, choose a name for your new field, for this one we will name it Options.

To set the options that the user is going to be able to use in the new field, click the ellipsis on the Options menu within the Property Inspector.

Add all the options that you want to add, for example here we will add Option1, Option2 & Option3.

Once they are added, you can also reorder them by using the arrows next to each option. You can also edit, delete or disable using the links to the right of each option.


Now we need to add this new option to the Screen.

Drag and drop the new option from the left, across to the Screen Designer.

You can then move the location of the field within the Screen Designer.

Let’s create a new Issue in our process and as you can see that the new option selector is available.

As you can see the user is able to choose these values, in any combination.


Depending on the type of information that you are looking to gather from a user, this can be a very useful addition to your process.


Thank you.

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