How to add fields in BPS for JIRA

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I am going to show you how to add fields to your process.


The reason for adding a field to a process is so you can gather information from the users of that process and track that information through the process journey or cycle.

In order to add a new field, you just expand the node of where your process is.

and on the node of new fields if you right click you can create a new field.

Select the type of new field.

A Create Field window will pop up.

You can choose your type of new field. For example, we are going to add a simple text field.

Click Save

You can see on the left menu that your new field has been added.

Name the field using the property inspector on the right of the program window, for example my field.

You can set a description in the property inspector by clicking the ellipsis on the Description field. For example MyField Description.

Click Save


 Deploy your process by clicking on Deploy.

If you try to create a new issue task of your process where this field is deployed, you will not see the field yet.



This is because you need to specify on which screen you want to display your field.

So to add your field to a screen, click to select the screen where you want to have your field displayed,

then drag and drop the field on the Screen Designer.

You can rearrange the order if you want it to be displayed in a different section of the issue window.

Changes to the screen does not require a deploy, so now we can create an issue again, and you can see your new field and description.  


After creating your issue, you can see that the issue now contains the information that you saved in your new field, and you can edit it as part of the normal issue tracking.

Your new field can be used to include information that you need to move along with the process.

Thank you for following this tutorial.

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