How to create a simple process with BPS for JIRA

Start to manage business projects with Business Process Studio for JIRA

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a simple process using Business Process Studio for JIRA.

A process is a list of steps that something needs to take in order to reach a goal and the transitions between those states.

So the first thing that we need to do is create a new process.

Click on the new Process on the left to highlight it, and on the right you will see the Property Inspector.

We will call it PROCESS. As you can see we also have the default initial status which is called OPEN.

Right click in the white space in the Workflow Designer and choose New Status.

We will do this 3 times and call each status Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3.

This is just a simple demonstration, which shows what we will be doing in our process when an issue is created.  The first step will be Step 1 and so we will delete OPEN as this was a default created when we created the process and is not required for this example.

Next we link all of the steps to reflect our process.

When you mouseover the status icon, it will show the connector circles around the icon, grab one of these with your mouse and drag it to Step 2.

Do the same with Step 2 to Step 3. Please note that you can move the Steps around on the canvas to make the process as easier to understand.

So this is going to be our process, with three steps.

We will now deploy the process to our Demo project, and then we are going to deploy to the demo project. 

We have the DEMO project selected, and to the right of that selection we click the Deploy button.

The Deploy process pops up and you can just click Associate, then Refresh.

So now once it´s deployed, we can create a new issue in that project called DEMO.

You can see when you choose the Project DEMO from the dropdown; you have a new issue type called Process.

We will add a Summary and Description to the new issue.

The issue is created in Jira.

When you click on the issue you can see that the initial status is Step 1.

Then by clicking the View Workflow next to the Step 1 status, you will see the workflow we created in Business Process Studio

These are the basics of process designing with business process studio for JIRA.

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