How to deploy your process with BPS for JIRA

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In this tutorial we are going to look at deploying a process.

The deployment function allows you to deploy your process into a project.

This is the way that you can use your process once it is designed on the workflow designer

To deploy a process, simply select the project that you want to deploy it to.

Then click Deploy.

You will get a message about the successful execution of the deployment,

At the bottom of the program workspace you can find a log output where you can see all the steps that have been taken to deploy your process.

Once your process is deployed, you can also see that it has been deployed by the green ‘deployed’ icons in the process explorer panel.

Once a process has been deployed there are several actions that are unavailable. Any process that is deployed, means that it is in production, so you need to take that in to account.


Also, when you are working on your process, for example adding new statuses or other changes,

you will need to deploy your process again,

so that any changes are included in the process.

When you deploy, you will see the Deploy Process wizard that shows all the steps of publishing your process.

When the wizard closes you will see the output in the top right of the workspace window, indicating that the deployment has again been successful.

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