How to set a default value to a field in BPS for JIRA

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In this tutorial we will look at setting a default value for a field.

In a specific property of a field, you can set a value that is accepted as a default value, this means that the user does not need to enter a anything in that field because the value is already provided, unless a change of the value is required by the user.

Click on the field that you want to set a default value.

In the Property Inspector click on the ellipsis to open the dialogue.

Set the value you require as default, for our example we will add Default Value.

Click Set Default

Click Deploy to publish your changes to the process.

Proceed through the Deploy Process wizard.

Now if you Create a new issue in the process that you have changed,

you will see that your field has the default value of the value that you have just set as default.

If your user does not want the default value applied, then it is possible to just edit the field as normal and change the value to whatever is required.

Setting a default value can be an useful addition if your process requires the field to not be empty. However it allows your user to change the data in the field if required.

Thank you.

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