How to start testing Jira Server

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In this tutorial we will look at how to install Jira Server so you can start using Business Process Studio. 

The first part will be installing Jira on your computer, look out for our other tutorial we have on getting Business Process Studio running.

First let’s go to Atlassian and click on Products:

Select Jira Software:

Click on Try it free:

Business Process Studio has many advanced features that are not supported in the cloud version. So we are going to install the ‘server version’. 

Click on Download server:

It automatically detects your operating system, so if you download this on a separate computer, you may need to change this setting. 

In our case it is Windows 64 and I agree to the privacy policy and Download

Once it has downloaded, we need to install the software. If you are using Chrome browser, you will see the install file being downloaded in the bottom left of your browser window.

When the download has finished, click the install file to make it run.

You will see a wizard popup that guides us through the installation.

Depending on your computer security settings and operating system version, you may need to click ‘Allow’ on the install permission box.

Also you may have a further popup. In this case click Yes.

Click Next on the installation wizard.

We will install with default settings. There is no need for us to change anything as we are only using this for testing. Click Next.

Click Grant Access on the permissions access.

In the popup you can see the port where the server will be located, at port 8080, which is a standard port.

Click Install on the Installation summary window.

Once the installation is complete, you can click next and if the box is ticked to Start Jira Software then it will start up.

Click Next to launch Jira in a browser.

It can take a while to start which is normal, so do not worry if it takes a few minutes to load.

The next screen is the setup choices, We will choose Set it up for me as this is only a demo environment.

If you have not registered, you will be asked to register so you can get the license. 

In the New Evaluation License screen, click Generate the license. 

Click Yes on the license confirmation popup.

On the administrator account setup, add an email address, username and password and click Next.

The wizard will finish the setup, and as JIRA is quite a complex environment, it may take a short while.

Once the setup has finished, click Let’s get started.

Choose the default language for the platform. We will choose English

We will skip choosing an avatar and Click Next.

Click Create new project in the Welcome window.

Choose Process management from the popup selection and Click Next.

Confirm the Process Management selection by clicking Select.

On the Process Management popup, name your project. We will name ours Demo.

Click on Submit.

That is it! We are now ready to start creating issues.

Thank you for following this tutorial for a JIRA install. You are now ready to set up Business Process Studio.

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