How to use a transition event in BPS for Jira

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Events are opportunities for you to customise what happens with the process and transitions.

For example if you select a transition, an event allows you to make things happen before or after the transition is executed. 

You can locate events at the events tab in the Property Inspector.

Select a transition in the Workflow Designer...

Then in the Property Inspector you can choose either the properties for the transition, or the events that relate to the transition.

Click on the Events tab in the Property Inspector, then expand the OnAfterExecute.

You can see that by default there are a number of items that execute after the transition. These are what make the process work and is what is the process of the transition right now.

For example you can see that it sets the status etc.

You cannot delete or edit these steps as they are system functions. But you can add events, which is what we will see in another tutorial.

Thank you for following this tutorial, we hope you find this function very useful in your projects.

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