Workflow Designer

Simplify the design of your workflows with increased productivity

With the integrated workflow designer, it’s a snap to model the workflow that drives your process.

Property Inspector

Easily edit the all the properties and events for a selected object

Modify the properties of screen fields, status, fields, etc. Attach events to transitions to execute actions, and even code, when a transition is executed.

"Business Process Studio for JIRA enables almost any user to implement their processes in JIRA in a streamlined way with a very low learning curve"

José León
Business Software Solutions Director of Sistel

Code Editor

Write Groovy code in the integrated Code Editor

When you need to write code, for a transition event or for a service, you can use the integrated Code Editor, featuring syntax highlighting, line numbering, etc

Screen Editor

Edit screen fields with an intuitive editor

This tool will help you to determine the fields that will be shown on the screens that govern your process.

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