Sistel announces Business Process Studio for JIRA

A full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to easily develop and maintain processes in JIRA

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Sistel S.L. a leading provider of software solutions, today announced the beta program for their new product, Business Process Studio for JIRA (BPS for JIRA). The first release will be available by the end of the year, so they are looking for beta testers to be part of their testing program.

“Business Process Studio for JIRA enables almost any user to implement their processes in JIRA in a streamlined way with a very low learning curve” said José León, Director of the Business Software Solutions division. "As a former Embarcadero Director of Engineering, I instantly realized the opportunity of mixing the world of JIRA with the software development tools eco-system, there is a lot they can learn from each other and we are materializing all that into BPS"

Business Process Studio for JIRA is a plugin that will be available on the Atlassian Marketplace by the end of the year, the features include:

  • Visual Process Designer
  • Object Inspector
  • Code Editor
  • Screen Designer
  • Solution Explorer

It replicates the development workflow you can find in tools like RAD Studio or Visual Studio, but for modeling processes. "JIRA is an exceptional tool to implement any kind of process, but learning everything you need to be productive, could be quite daunting, so our goal is to make it easy for everyone".

If you want to get included in the beta test program, please, send an e-mail to or visit

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